Stens 385-220 Trimmer Head Fits RedMax

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1 Trimmer Head for Redmax String Trimmers
Comes filled with String
  • REPLACES OEM Red Max: 511010601
  • FITS MODELS Red Max: most BC225DL, BC2300DL, BC250, BC2600DL, BC2601DLS, BCZ262DL, BCX2600S, BCZ2400S, BCZ2401S, BCZ2450S, BCZ2460S, BCZ2460TS, BCZ2500S, BCZ2500SU, BCZ2500SW, BCZ2600S, BCZ2600SU, BCZ2600SW, BCZ2601S, BCZ2601S, BCZ2601SW, BCZ2610S, BCZ2610SU, BCZ2610SW, BCZ2650S, BCZ2660TS, BCZ3000S, BCZ3000SW, BCZ3001S, BCZ3001SW, BCZ3050S, BCZ3050SW, BCZ3050T, BCZ3060TS, EX2-BC, EXZ2401S, EXZ2401SBC, EXZ2450SBC, EXZ2500SBC, TR2300S, TR2301S, TR2350S and TTR trimmers
  • Packaging type: Branded bag, Dual line trimmer head, M10 x 1.25 LHF threaded arbor, Includes .105" twist trimmer line
  • ADDITIONAL INFO Cross Sell: 385-220 Use with 385-222 Trimmer Head Spool, Cross Sell: 385-220 Use with 385-224 Trimmer Head Eyelet, Cross Sell: 385-220 Use with 385-225 Trimmer Head Spring, Cross Sell: 385-220 Use with 385-226 Trimmer Head Case, Cross Sell: 385-220 use with 385-318 Trimmer Head Cover