TORO 22" (56cm) Personal Pace Auto-Drive™ Mower model 21462

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  • A  Lawn Mower That Adjusts to You - No knobs, levers, or messing around. Grab the easy-to-steer handle and go with Toro Personal Pace Auto Drive.
  • Supercharged Grass Cutting Machine - Toro supercharged the Recycler Cutting System, creating a performance boosting machine through Toro Vortex Technology.
  • Super Bagger - Get the job done more easily than ever with the new Toro Super Bagger, shaped for easier lifting, no-shake pouring and zero-hassle cleanup.
  • Feed Your Lawn - The ultra-fine clippings created by Toro Recycler Cutting System are Lawn Vitamins™, nourishing your grass.