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We offer a great 5 Step Program at a Low Cost to you!

There are specific times of the year in which you should put down your fertilizer, and we have made it easy for you to remember ! For the best results apply your fertilizer before the suggested dates. You can apply lime anytime of the year as needed.


STEP ONE (Easter)

Fertilizer with per-emergence weed control

STEP TWO (Memorial Day)

Fertilizer with broad leaf weed control (apply to wet lawn between wet lawn grass mowing) 

STEP THREE (4th of July)

Slow release fertilizer with insect control

STEP FOUR (Labor Day)


STEP FIVE (Halloween)

Fertilizer for root development





Fertilizer with per-emergence weed control

Memorial Day

Fertilizer with broad left weed control (apply to wet lawn between grass mowing)

4th of July

slow release fertilizer with insect control

Labor Day

fertilizer with root development (power rake lawn and apply grass seed)





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